Membership Recruitment


The Division of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

The Society of Chinese Bioscientists in American (SCBA)





In 1993, members and their associates of The Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA), recognizing their common interests in biotechnology and in the pharmaceutical industry, created the Division of Bio/Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The Division of Bio/Pharmaceutical Sciences is devoted and committed exclusively to all members:


        To promote vertical and horizontal interactions among various specialties in research, product development, pre-clinical and clinical services, marketing, sales and management sciences.

        To encourage advancement of applied biological, chemical, and medical knowledge.





1.      reduced registration rates at Bio/Pharm sponsored meetings;

2.      priority notice of annual meetings and sponsored meetings related to Biopharmaceutical Sciences and industries;

3.      receipt of Bio/Pharm Quarterly, newsletters and other important announcements;

4.      posting a job advertising for an employer and a short resume for an employee candidate, free of charge;

5.      the opportunity to participate in the training workshops;

6.      opportunities for participation in Bio/Pharm meetings in America, Taiwan and China;

7.      networking and informal scientific exchange with various specialties in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.




There are five categories of membership, including Life Regular, Life International, Regular, Regular International, and Student.  Applicants who reside outside of North America are considered in International categories.  The application is required a recommendation from a Nominator who is a member of SCBA, Bio/Pharm Division.  If an applicant can not identify a Nominator, please contact us at biopharm_us @  The Membership Committee will review all complete applications for the membership.


To complete an application, please fill out the Application Form ( pdf format or Word) attached with your CV/resume and check (made out to SCBA-Bio/Pharm division) and mail them to the address listed above.



Please join us to enrich the BioPharm Society as well as Your Career Development.